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Glam Swim

Girls, it’s time to shine! Let’s bring some positivity and 70s glam into our beach days. Glam Swim is made for the girl who cares for the planet and dares to shine (again) in our timeless new glam pieces.  The collection is made with the beauty of the female body in mind. Each piece is rich in details and designed for you to feel confident and strong in your own skin. And don’t forget to get that disco party started! About the fabric Our Glam Swim fabric has its own little story.  This fabric gem has been found at the waste pile of our local fabric supplier and it was love at first sight. Our fabric supplier wanted to throw...

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Let's talk about: Sustainability

Let's talk about: Sustainability What is a sustainable brand? Being a sustainable fashion brand means caring for the environment while producing your products. You make sure you don’t use more new raw materials than needed and preferably work with recycled materials. Sustainability goes further than just production. The way you store and ship your products can be sustainable as well.  Fast fashion brands are the opposite of sustainable brands. Fast fashion brands don’t care about their environmental impact. Fast fashion brands are known for their lower priced clothing collections. These collections are sold in large quantities for a limited time. To keep these prices low these companies prefer cheaper fabrics, these fabrics are usually bad for the environment. The limited...

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