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Let's talk about: Sustainability

Let's talk about: Sustainability What is a sustainable brand? Being a sustainable fashion brand means caring for the environment while producing your products. You make sure you don’t use more new raw materials than needed and preferably work with recycled materials. Sustainability goes further than just production. The way you store and ship your products can be sustainable as well.  Fast fashion brands are the opposite of sustainable brands. Fast fashion brands don’t care about their environmental impact. Fast fashion brands are known for their lower priced clothing collections. These collections are sold in large quantities for a limited time. To keep these prices low these companies prefer cheaper fabrics, these fabrics are usually bad for the environment. The limited...

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About us

Livable Swim is a new sustainable take on swimwear. We design our sustainable collections with a feminine, sexy and unique look on slow fashion swimwear. So that every person in Livable Swim can enjoy their sunny days with confidence, style and without regrets.   Our sustainable swimwear collection is made from one of the best recycled Italian fabrics. And is ethically produced in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Every order will be specially made for you, so we can keep our production waste as low as possible.   We produce the items to order. If you place an order it will be shipped within 2 to 4 business days. If we have the sizes you ordered in stock we will ship your...

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